Norris Dam 2
Norris Dam State Park is situated on the east and west of Norris Dam and on the shores of Norris Lake.  It occupies more than 4,000 acres and features scenic valleys, sparkling streams, wildflower trails and a virgin forest with hiking trails, cabins, campgrounds and numerous recreation opportunities. This page is sponsored by the Friends of Norris Dam State Park, which is a non-profit organization whose purpose it is to:

  • To foster conservation and education efforts in support of Norris Dam State Park.
  • To assist Norris Dam State Park in its effort to better preserve and protect its existing land resources, including but not limited to the many natural, cultural and scenic features within or in proximity thereto.
  • To assist Norris Dam State Park in providing quality recreational and interpretive experiences.

If you don’t find everything that you need to know about Norris Dam State Park on this site, please contact the Park office at 865-426-7461 or email  If you would like to join the Friends of Norris Dam State Park and their efforts to conserve, preserve and educate, join online or email