Andrews Ridge Trail System


Andrews Ridge Trail: Follows the ridge top then gently slopes downward. Andrews Cemetery and evidence of homesteads still remain. Hootin’ Hollow, Rock Creek, and Sinkhole Trail branch off. Trailhead is below west campground. Blazed blue, moderate. 1.8 miles

Hootin’ Hollow Trail: Fairly level with one steep section below the campground. A great trail to listen for owls and winter months offer views of Norris Lake. Branches off Andrews Ridge Trail. Blazed yellow, easy to moderate. 1.1 miles

Rock Creek Trail: Situated between two hillsides, this steep trail leads to Norris Lake. Look for gouges in the hills created by streams. Branches off Andrews Ridge Trail. Blazed orange, moderate to difficult. 1.2 miles

Sinkhole Trail: Varying from wide to single track this trail winds around sinkholes, the lake, and stream paths. Branches off Andrews Ridge Trail. Blazed green, easy to moderate. .8 mile

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