Marine Railway Trail

The Marine Railway Trail has a history as rich as the valley itself.  The old roadbed provided access for the families that farmed the valley before the construction of Norris Dam.  The road was mainly a wagon road typical of most roads in the area but the occasional Model T Ford made its way down the path to the homesteads.

One family who resided on this road was the Hawkins family.  Henry, his wife, daughter and their dog resided in a small log structure and operated a farm where they grew just enough to survive.  In 1933 TVA came into the valley and informed the residents that they were going to construct Norris Dam that each family would be given a fair price for their land. Many families willingly sold their land to TVA while many departed reluctantly and few refused to go at all. 

Henry Hawkins was one to those who refused to sell to TVA.  After a couple of potentially dangerous encounters with TVA personnel, Mr. Hawkins took a stand against TVA that turned tragic.  An out of control fire around the Hawkins household claimed the home and many belongings but luckily no one’s life.  It was at that point that the Hawkins family finally yielded to TVA and left their farm.

This trail covers a wide terrain, varying from gentle slopes to steep hillsides. It offers close up views of the lakeshore, ridge tops, hollows, and follows a power line. Hike the entire trail or one of the two loops. Access from Highway 441 or behind deluxe cabin 8. Blazed black, moderate to difficult. 4.3 miles

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