About the Friends Group

The Friends of Norris Dam State Park was established as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization in February 1996 to provide support through volunteerism and financial donations. The Friends Group’s day to day operations are performed by a Board of Directors who are as follows:

    Russell Chambers, President
    Tupper Morehead, Vice-President
    Stephanie Wells, Secretary/Treasurer
    Jim Gross
    William Hicks
    Billy Minser
    Russ Rickard
    Randy Roddy
    Rick Phillips

The Friends of Norris Dam State Park has carried out many volunteer project to help Norris Dam State Park  such as:

  • Planted trees and shrubs around the park.
  • Conduct a quarterly roadside cleanup along Freeway 441 near the entrance of the Park.
  • constructed a gate to provide security for the cave in addition to providing the monies needed for the supplies.

In the past the Friends Group has conducted numerous fundraisers and have been able to purchase many needed items for the Park including the following:

  • A pontoon boat and motor so that the Park Staff can conduct Fall Color Cruises and group tours on Norris Lake to educate the participates about the history of Norris Lake, Norris Dam and the area before and after the Dam.  Many boat rides have resulted in some picture perfect shots of the wildlife around Norris Lake.
  • Life saving equipment such as a defibrillator, CPR manikins, rapelling gear and rescue equipment.
  • Games for the Recreation Hall including two pool tables, a ping pong table, a foos ball table, an air hockey table and a basketball game.
  • Programing equipment such as cave helmets and lights, bat skeletons, bat frequency detector, aquatic insect props and much more.
  • Provided maintenance equipment needed to maintain the park such as a compressor, roto tiller, backpack blower, power washer and portable generator.
  • Initiated a letter writing campaign to secure funding from the state to construct a new picnic shelter.

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