Claude Jenkins at Camp Kinchen

Claude Jenkins at Camp Kinchen

Shown: l-r, Claude Jenkins, Janelle Dunigan, Sarah Nicley (Big Ridge), Lauren Bahetti (Norris Dam), Monique Johnson Hodge (Pickett), Mike Scott (Norris Dam), Just out of view, Derek Wilson (Big Ridge)


Rangers from three parks came together at Camp Kinchen to listen and ask questions of Mr. Claude Jenkins of Oak Ridge. 71 years ago, YES !!! SEVENTY-ONE years ago Mr. Jenkins was a “CCC BOY” at TVA 45, here at Norris Dam State Park. After a 90 minute interview at the park office, Mr. Jenkins and his daughter, Janelle Dunigan, also of Oak Ridge, took a hike around the camp road pointing out points of interest and answering questions from the Park Rangers present, each of which have CCC history at their parks. (Norris, Big Ridge, Pickett)
More on this from Ranger Scott coming soon. Talking about living history ! What an experience to be a part of.

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