When you visit Norris Dam State Park be sure to bring a camera! You will not only want to capture our beautiful scenery but you will also want to be sure to snap a few pictures of the various wildlife!  Keep your eyes open for songbirds, hawks, vultures, snakes, frogs, turkey, and of course white-tailed deer are plentiful. On the water you will spot great blue herron, cormorant, ducks, and the occasional fish jumping out of the water. At night you can see raccoon, skunk, oposum, and you might even catch a glimpse of red and grey fox, coyote, or bobcat.

Of course, you don’t have to see an animal to know it has been there. Look for tracks, scat, owl pellets, eaten leaves, and antlers that have been dropped. Be patient and enjoy the moment of watching wildlife as they act in their natural world.

Copy_of_deer_NDSP NDSP-Eagle NDSP-Cranewhitetaildeer